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Eckerd students are venturing around Seville during their semester in Spain to spots like Málaga, 西班牙南部海岸的港口城市. 照片由艾米丽法雷尔' 23

Emily Farrell has an early flight from Seville, Spain, to Barcelona, but the Eckerd College senior 国际业务 and Spanish student from Miami, Florida, wakes in a panic to a phone call from her friend also going on the trip. 艾米丽忘记设闹钟了.

She jumps out of bed and scrambles to gather her things but arrives at the gate right as the plane is taking off. 她错过了. 登机口的工作人员告诉她,其他去巴塞罗那的航班都订完了, 所以艾米丽试着去镇中心的火车站. 8:30 a.m.在这个虚拟售货亭上,前往巴塞罗那的列车已无空座. 她走向服务台,用西班牙语解释了她的困境. 在电脑上点击几下,就能看到晚上8点50分班机上最后一个靠窗的座位.m. train.

Emily sits gratefully on the train, watching the Spanish countryside pass by her window. She’s one of 11 Eckerd students testing their limits and enjoying adventures in the first group to spend a full semester at the College’s Seville Study Center in Spain.




西班牙语教授Yanira Angulo-Cano博士.D., 这个项目的首任教授是系主任吗, 哪个与学院的有显著差异 伦敦学习中心e. 物流是通过与 海外国际学习, an organization that has offered global education options to American and Canadian students since 1987.

Eckerd students can take courses at one of two local universities in Seville. ISA学习中心提供英语授课课程,以及 帕布罗德奥拉维德大学 提供西班牙语教学. 课程种类繁多, 这使得该中心可以容纳许多不同的专业.

Angulo-Cano teaches two courses—a mandatory Spanish Seminar that involves going into the city to learn more about the history and culture of Seville, 以及她的学生设计的与他们学科相关的课程. 这学期,学生们 一直在合作写博客 记录他们的经历.

选择在 塞维利亚中心 和另一个埃克德学生住在寄宿家庭.

“寄宿家庭是学习语言和文化的好机会,艾丽西亚·琼斯, 埃克德学院全球教育副主任, says.

她补充说,寄宿家庭有各种各样的形式. Some live in apartments or townhomes, while others live in houses farther from the city center. 有些人有孩子,有些人是空巢老人. 住在寄宿家庭有很多好处. 它给学生一种自动的安全感和安全感. 他们一到西班牙就成了家庭的一员, 怎样才能使这种转变不那么不和谐呢. They have a guide to show them around, recommending restaurants and sights to see. 甚至还可以和家人一起出游. 它创造了一个从当地人的角度看这座城市的机会.

Eating traditional homemade meals with their host families gives students a real sense of home when their roots seem so far away. 凯特·肯尼迪,大三学生 环境研究 来自贝弗利的学生, 麻萨诸塞州, 喜欢做饭, 所以她一直在学习如何制作传统的西班牙菜.


Eckerd students stand with Professor of Spanish Yanira Angulo-Cano in Seville.


The 塞维利亚中心 came to be because Eckerd students were showing significant interest in studying in Spain. 在 全球教育办公室 revealed that many students were planning independent trips to Spain with ISA and other study abroad organizations. 全球教育副院长Thandi Dinani博士.D., wanted to find a way to bring Eckerd into these experiences and capitalize on the existing interest. Eckerd多年来一直与ISA保持着密切的关系, ISA在塞维利亚已经有了强大的影响力. The partnership came naturally, and ISA has helped Eckerd hone many of the trip logistics. They have relationships with host families and have shared their academic facilities with Eckerd College.

这些伙伴关系转化为喝café con leche的日子, 探索古代遗迹,会说很多西班牙语. Commuting to class means passing colorful buildings and narrow streets lined with cafés. Eckerd students spend their free time combing the gorgeous city for hidden gems.

On the short walk to class, Emily stops by a local pasteleria (cake shop) for breakfast. She visits often enough that the workers know her and her order of a napolitana de chocolate and a café con leche.

Alex Faragher,大三学生 生物化学 student from Smyrna, Delaware, enjoys stopping at Parque de María Luisa for a quiet place to sit. 她欣赏那里的鲜花、拱门和瀑布.

在一个孤独的下午, 汉娜特纳, 来自塔拉哈西的环境研究大二学生, Florida, 在她的日常散步中偶然发现了德洛·老者医院. 走出熙熙攘攘的街道, she is surprised to find a quiet oasis and blown away by the ornate details and natural lighting in the chapel.

“It is indeed an empowering experience for our students to live and study in a different country,安格洛-卡诺说, “探索另一种文化及其传统的细微差别.”


Weekend travel is common for students to take full advantage of their time abroad. They have been galavanting all across Europe and northern Africa—sometimes independently, 有时是ISA,有时是eckerd计划的冒险. The Eckerd cohort has already traveled to Switzerland and will visit Gibraltar, Córdoba和格拉纳达在学期结束前.

在一次周末旅行中,凯特回到了中学. Towering in front of her is the Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. This is the same building she once built a replica of for a history-class assignment all those years ago. She knows from its exterior she has seen the architecture before, but the inside is magic to her. 它的圆形彩色玻璃反射出红色、绿色和蓝色, 看起来一点都不像她的纸板复制品.

”想起, 深夜, I was up building that tiny model was a cool reminder of how much work was put into this building,她说.

玛莎·皮萨卡诺,大四学生 动物研究 and Spanish student from Lexington, Kentucky, spends a life-changing week in Morocco on an ISA excursion. A beautiful collection of tents shelter travelers from the desert elements, 他们每天都骑着骆驼, 沙丘冲浪和打牌. Martha loves connecting with the locals and other students from ISA programs all around Spain.


就Eckerd的教职员工而言, Angulo-Cano has been dedicated to conducting diverse education programs in Spain for many years. Jones says Angulo-Cano was a natural leader in the development of this program because she was motivated by student interest as she structured a lot of the academic components. The next Eckerd faculty leader will teach and serve as a liaison between the two hosting institutions in Seville while living in faculty housing.

安格洛-卡诺此前曾因各种原因前往塞维利亚, 但这是她第一次和学生们一起参观.

“It has been most rewarding to see them fall in love with this vibrant and colorful crossroad of civilizations,她说. “The best part has been watching my students become familiar and comfortable in their new city.”


Exploring Morocco; photos by Charlotte McNeal ’25